Monday, June 15, 2009

Lakers Chaos

Last night Me, Drew, Jeff, Jordan and Andy went to LA on the train. Our train was shut down due to the riots on our way home and we were forced to get out at the staples center. After stepping off the train we heard a ton of sirens and, being 18 year old males, followed the sound of cop cars. we ended up directly out front of the staples center and in the middle of the riots. people were smashing car windows, throwing rocks at the buisness' windows around us, port-a-pottie's were being tipped over in the middle of the road, trash cans were being thrown, cars driving by were getting their windows smashed and we were directly in the middle of it. The SWAT finally arrived and did there best to stop it but it was an almost worthless attempt. We ended up getting picked up by a friend but in the chaos of the evening and many many memories were made (transvestites, riots, tweekers... all of the above). Here's a few pictures i took as we were running so we didn't get hit with the rubber bullets and peper spray bullets the police in riot gear were shooting off. haha


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