Saturday, February 21, 2009

Camera Tattoo

LA Ink (High Voltage tattoo shop)

After turning the big 18 on wed. Feb 18th i awaited my appointment at LA Ink to get my first tattoo. then yesterday it arrived and i got my birthday present from my parents... my first tattoo!!!! I did my first sitting yesterday but after 2 1/2 hours of being drilled into with a needle i decided to finish the other 2 hours of tattooing in a month. About a year ago i decided i want a tattoo of the camera i started my career with, the Canon Rebel XTI, so i did it. i'm super stoked on it and i wanna hear what you think!!! its pretty big and covers my whole left shoulder blade plus some but i had to blog this immediately cause i want everyone to be able to check this 'ish out... plus i got it done at LA Ink! enjoy...

My girlfriend holding my hand as the needle made love to my back

The outline

First half

Getting work done!! (and yes that's blood on the towel)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Summer Stop Motion

Over last summer i started doing human animation. This is done with stop motion and allows things to be done that are usually impossible. My neighbor Dave and i spent countless hours paroozing Orange County for areas to shoot at. At the end of the summer, me and him put together a short video of all the test shots we had done. Here it is... tell me what you think!!!

p.s. more videos to come!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Big Bad Benefit Bash

Last weekend, at Miletwo, there was a benefit concert raising money for Kevin Kridner's trip to Africa. After i got everything rolling and my concert crapped out, my good friend Hannah took over and came through in the clutch. Having only 10 days to plan and execute the concert, she raised $300 and got about 100 people to the concert. Great job Hannah!!!! Here are a few pics from it. Keep checking back to get more info on our next benefit concert!

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