Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So yesterday i got back from an awesome trip to the mountains (big bear to be precise) with my girlfriend and her family. Three days of lots of snow, lots of food, lots of driving and of course lots of smashing my girlfriend in the face with snow. While there i took quite a few pictures and decided to publish this post so the whole world can be photographically involved in my personal life (creepy... but true).

"Snow looks so appealing... until your in it" - Erica

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Los Angeles (mulholland drive)

Went into LA a little over a week ago with a few friends and went to numerous locations including santee alley, sunset blvd, and mulholland drive (one of my favorite places i've ever been... thats why i go there on a regular basis). Once there we enjoyed our wendy's we picked up and a wonderful sunset over not only the most amazing but one of the most disqusting cities in the world. This city never ceases to amaze me. Pictures won't ever be able to recreate the amazingness of watching the suns colors become more and more distorted through the filter of smog over a city that has (and continues to) form america in countless ways. just a little reminder of how lucky we are to live in southern california...

oh and if you don't live in southern california, i had no intention of making you feel less important... just less lucky. you're always welcome to visit me so you can leave the unwashed armpit you might feel like your living in.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Living Suns Warehouse Party

so a couple of weeks ago a band i take pictures for, The Living Suns, had a party at their warehouse. come to find out MTV wass filming there for the show Sex With Dr. Drew.apparently the girl on the show 'parties too hard' so they filmed her at the living suns warehouse party. here are a few pics i took while there. oh and fun show guys!!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

a few concert shots

so last night/early this morning i talked about my illustrious past as a concert photographer so i decided i'd post a few pics i did for Mutemath, As I Lay Dying and Emery. as soon as i get all my pictures off of my failed hard drive i'll post more. enjoy...

First Blog

I am new to the blogging world but am excited to join this community of transparency and openess on issues i often could care less about. i just wanna say that my blog isn't going to be a blog you just mosey around in, but instead it will be an intriguing insight into the wonderful world of Micah (my blogs may often be written with a clever rhyme scheme in the vain of the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss). i hope that as much as you may hate or love my work, you will respond to my plea to join me on this escapade towards photo enlightenment. I believe this journey would be quite boring (and poorly paid) without you, the reader, so thank you! as pathetic as this first blog/plea may be i swear to you my blogs will get better because there will be pictures to reinforce the written jargon... so please stay tuned for more. 

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