Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So since recovering from my mono much of my time has been put into catching up at school but other sweet things have happened and are coming up!!

have happened:

-Shot senior photos for Breanna and friends

-Got a $9,000 scholarship to Art Center College of Design's photo program

-Shot a sweet wedding with Samuel Lippke

-Helping develop and implement a plan to build 300 homes in 5 years in New Orleans. Me, Steve, my dad and a few other people are beginning an approximately $65 million project down in New Orleans designed to restore hope. More info will be posted on this ridiculous escapade. currently working on assembling a team of people interested in helping and I'm in charge of planning and heading up a trip down there in August with 7 other people. This should be interesting...

Coming up (a look at the big events from this weekend till the end of summer) :

-Shooting a band on Friday with a flaming car... oddly enticing

-Doing an engagement shoot on Saturday with Samuel

-Getting my tattoo finished a week from this friday

-Prom in 3 weeks

-Graduation in 6 weeks 2 days

-Trip to New York in June

-Trip to New Orleans in August

-Trip to Hawaii sometime this summer

-Moving out in August

-Starting school at Art Center September 1st


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