Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Orleans Day 6 (Ninth Ward, Art Commune, The Joint)

Day six was probably the most inspirational day. We begun our day with a return to the Ninth Ward/Desire Housing Projects and went exploring. After driving through a seemingly hopelessly deserted area we came upon these amazing houses right in the middle of it all. Come to find out, it's an amazing organization that funds the building of houses purely on donations. This company was founded by Brad Pitt and is doing TREMENDOUS things down in New Orleans. Not only are they building houses, but they are restoring hope. The foundation is called Make It Right and there website is http://www.makeitrightnola.org/ While checking out these new homes we came across a memorial to someone so we went up to it and met a man whose wife and granddaughter were washed away during the storm surge. He lived in a run down trailer but was awaiting his new home that was being built by Make It Right. As i stood there thinking how horrific his life must be and what if that was my family, I heard my pastor say,"so finally there's a little hope." and the man just looked at him and said, "no... there's a whole lot of hope." I stood there thinking about what he just said... he had lost both his lifelong companion and his grandaughter and he still saw an enourmous amount of hope. Now that's an organization that's changing lives!!!!

After that life changing experience... we headed over to a place that can't fully be described. In the backyard there was a 4 story tree house made out of abandoned things from the storm and a crazy looking school bus. In the house were 14 rooms housing a bunch of young artists. The place was insane!!!

The joint is pretty much the best place ever for ribs!


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