Sunday, January 18, 2009

Filming of Moostache Music Video

Last night everyone approached the building, fully entrenched in their 20's attire and they quickly realized that this was going to be a party unlike any other. appearing more as a speakeasy from the 20's then some orange county band's practice space, the warehouse soon became the perfect set for a music video taking place in the 20's. ironicly enough thats exactly what it's for...

Here we are... back at the living suns warehouse for another night of debauchery and music. Although, this time it was all caught on film for the up and coming music video for a local band called Moostache. The filming of this scene, for the video my neighbor Dave and I are currently working on, went even better than planned . Here are a few pics from this evening of costumes, champagne and pizza!


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