Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Blog

I am new to the blogging world but am excited to join this community of transparency and openess on issues i often could care less about. i just wanna say that my blog isn't going to be a blog you just mosey around in, but instead it will be an intriguing insight into the wonderful world of Micah (my blogs may often be written with a clever rhyme scheme in the vain of the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss). i hope that as much as you may hate or love my work, you will respond to my plea to join me on this escapade towards photo enlightenment. I believe this journey would be quite boring (and poorly paid) without you, the reader, so thank you! as pathetic as this first blog/plea may be i swear to you my blogs will get better because there will be pictures to reinforce the written jargon... so please stay tuned for more. 


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